Terms of Use


Use of any BluePrint-Q products and services are subject to the terms outlined in this document.


BluePrint-Q reserves the right to disclose any info and act as necessary to satisfy any law.  BluePrint-Q may occasionally contact you with news, offers, and upgrades related to BluePrint-Q products and services.  BluePrint-Q will not sell your info to any third-parties.


You may not redistribute the BluePrint-Q Framework for commercial gain.  Additionally, any development efforts made in part by BluePrint-Q may not be copied and redistributed for commercial purposes.  Furthermore, you may not redistribute Slider Revolution or Visual Composer for any purposes.


BluePrint-Q reserves the right to suspend your service typically as a result of unusual server stress.  For example, should your website go viral, then an appropriate resource strategy can be discussed.  Additionally, too many files or files that take up too much disk space can impose on limits too.


BluePrint-Q reserves the right to make changes to the software at any time for any reason without notice.


You agree that any content on your website will abide by all local, state, and federal laws.


You will hold harmless BluePrint-Q and its officers, partners, workers, etc for any damages incurred not as an intentional, fully-direct result of an action taken by BluePrint-Q.  For example, a virus makes its way into websites around the world.  Or, a piece of BluePrint-Q code writes over data from your site.  BluePrint-Q learns about the issues, makes fixes, but the damage is already done.  These are examples of unfortunate events that nobody can, in good faith, reasonably foresee.  BluePrint-Q products and services are provided on an “as-is” basis.  No warranties are stated or implied.


You grant BluePrint-Q an unrestricted, non-exclusive license to use you and your company’s likeness for advertising purposes.  Generally, this could mean use of a testimonial or it could mean displaying and/or linking to your website.


These terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Florida, US.  You consent that the sole and exclusive jurisdiction for any action or proceeding shall be located within Florida, US.  If any part of this agreement is found to be unenforceable by law, the remainder of these terms continue in full.


Future fully-signed agreements between BluePrint-Q and you may supersede corresponding portions of these terms.


BluePrint-Q may make changes to any part of these terms or to the website without any prior notice.

Sales Policies

Billing Information

The billing information that you enter into the checkout is used to pass into PayPal for verification purposes and to send you a link to your download.

Download Availability

Framework links are generally good for a limited number of download attempts.  Please save the Framework to your hard drive and keep it safe.


Refunds are not offered.

Services Addenda


BluePrint-Q typically perform backups of our client sites every month.  However, in the event that a service from BluePrint-Q goes down and BluePrint-Q cannot retrieve the backup or the backup is from too long in the past, you shall not hold BluePrint-Q, its officers, partners, workers, etc liable for any damages.  It is certainly more safe to keep copies of your site local also – especially after large changes.

Content Delivery Network

Also familiarly known as ‘CDN’.  It’s a technological service that delivers your website to visitors anywhere around the globe as efficiently as possible.  You understand that this process has the potential to produce an update delay due to various servers around the world catching up with any changes to your website.

Content Population

If you have content from another website that you want to bring into your new BluePrint-Q-hosted website, BluePrint-Q will be happy to recreate this content.  If you would like to start with fresh content, you can supply BluePrint-Q with the content.  In either case, the effort that BluePrint-Q makes shall not exceed two hours.


In order to use email, you must have an email client that supports POP3.  Microsoft Outlook or Google Gmail are two popular programs you might consider.

Feature Requests & Defect Reports

You may make requests and file reports, but implementation is at the sole discretion of BluePrint-Q.  If you would like to raise your request, we recommend securing a Custom Development effort.


BluePrint-Q wants you to be thrilled with your website and will make iterations until you are happy.  However, BluePrint-Q reserves the right to discontinue iterations and complete the transaction should this policy be abused.

Maintenance Transfer

This is an optional service offered by BluePrint-Q.  Unlike other web companies, if you want to leave BluePrint-Q, we offer the ability to take your website with you.  BluePrint-Q and either you or the technical person who will be maintaining your site will meet for up to four hours in an effort to help perform the transfer.  The cost is $499.

Requirements Gathering

This is typically a one-hour session where you will convey your needs for the website.  BluePrint-Q will help guide with some questions also.  Should you have any special requests and they fall outside the scope of the package, BluePrint-Q may adjust the price accordingly.


This is typically a one-hour session where BluePrint-Q will show you how to log in to your account, teach you how to post articles, and cover uploading files.


Administrative Credentials

This is the combination of user name and password that permits a person access to a wealth of settings on a website.

BluePrint-Q Product/Software

Covers any software developed in part by BluePrint-Q.  This can include tools, websites, and applications.

BluePrint-Q Theme/Framework

This is the primary software for BluePrint-Q.  It is the engine that powers beautiful and functional websites.


The art, design, and programming of software.

Domains or Domain Name

The unique address at which a website can be seen.  For example, ‘www.blueprintq.com’ or ‘google.com’.  ICANN, the governing body for domains, allows specific companies to resell names on an annual renewal basis.

Frame vs. Article

The ‘frame’ refers to the more-likely static pieces of a website like the heading, menus, sidebars, and footer.  On the other hand, ‘articles’ refers to the more-likely dynamic pieces of a website like blog posts or page content.


A website must be on a machine that can be freely seen by anyone on the internet.  The act of ‘hosting’ is supplying a website with the necessary resources to keep a website running.  Most hosting providers offer a set amount of machine-wide resources and security precautions.  However, hosting providers do not generally provide website software support.


A communication from a client to BluePrint-Q on a single topic.  Typically refers to troubleshooting a problem.

At-Request Backups

Backups are the act of storing a copy of the database and raw files that make up a website.  On-demand refers to a client contacting BluePrint-Q requesting that a backup take place.  Clients will usually want to do this after a large number of articles have been created.  Turnaround time varies, but takes a minimum of two business days.

Server Stress

When a website uses so many resources on a machine that the website (and other websites on the same machine) loads more slowly.  This can usually happen as the result of a traffic influx.


Term coined by BluePrint-Q that makes it easy to mix and match various design facets that impact a website’s style.